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Nothing is more intriguing than a good mystery story. Ever since the earliest apes crawled out of the primordial soup and grew legs, mankind has been witness to incredible and frightening phenomena which defy explanation. Imagine how the earliest Human or Neanderthals felt when the Sun suddenly "went out" during the day? They must have been terrified, thinking the gods were angry and that the world was ending. We now understand Solar Eclipse's but there are still hundreds, no thousands, of phenomena that still defy explanation despite rigorous scientific examination.

How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Is the Loch Ness Monster real? Do aliens and UFO's exist? These are some of the questions posed on this website. Some questions pose more questions, some have multiple answers and others have none at all. We only ask you to keep an open mind and form your own conclusions.


Crop Circles
21st December 2007Secrets of the Skies
Crop circles are a generic term used to describe the flattening of crops, usually in a circular particular pattern. They range between simple circles, to complex and intricate patterns and usually appear in fields overnight.
Raynham Hall
21st December 2007Ghosts
The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, Norfolk, is one of the most famous hauntings in Britain because of the strange shape captured by photographers from 'Country Life' magazine in 1936.
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.Albert Einstein, What I Believe, 1930
Ring O' Bells Pub
21st December 2007Ghosts
The Ring o' Bells is one of the oldest buildings in Middleton, Manchester, and also claims to be one of the most haunted.
Tower of London
21st December 2007Ghosts
The Tower of London is one of the most famous landmarks of the English capital, but it also has a sinister past and has been the scene of thousands of executions and torture over the years. The prison cells are among the most haunted in Britain.
Berkeley Castle
21st December 2007Ghosts
Berkeley Castle has been the site of many incidents, but perhaps the most famous are the imprisonment, torture and execution of Edward II.
Berry Pomeroy Castle
21st December 2007Ghosts
Berry Pomeroy Castle, which now lies in ruin, has many stories linked to it, and although now only an empty shell it retains an eery atmosphere.
Borley Rectory Hauntings
21st December 2007Ghosts
Borley Rectory began life as a Benedictine monastery in the 13th century. Legend has it a monk fell in love with a young nun from the Bures convent, 7 miles south-east of Borley, and as they tried to elope and start a new life together, they were captured together with a friend of the monk who was to drive a carriage helping them escape. The coachman was beheaded, the monk was hung, and the unfortunate nun was bricked up alive in the walls of the vaults beneath the rectory.
Curse of Tutankhamun
21st December 2007Unexplained Phenomena
In November of 1922, Howard Carter discovered the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Located in the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank at Luxor, the tomb revealed a fantastic wealth of artefacts and treasure. Because of the uniqueness and quantity of treasure, the world's media was stirred into a frenzy and the whole world was looking at Carter and Tutankhamun.