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Agenda 21 and the United Nations New World Order

Last Updated May 30, 2023 by . First Published in 2015.

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Agenda 21 and the United Nations New World Order

The UN Agenda 21 (now Agenda 30) is a scary plan for radical changes involving "Sustainable Development" and a "Single World Government".

If you were to hear that "they" want to kill off 95% of the Earth's population you'd be forgiven for dismissing such claims as wild conspiracy theories. The truth is however, the United Nations Agenda 21 is planning just that.

This article is for entertainment purposes only. It is considered a conspiracy theory. I leave it to you, the reader, to read the article, do your own research and arrive at your own conclusions.

United Nations Agenda 21 Logo
United Nations Agenda 21 Logo 

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Division for Sustainable Development has created what it calls a sustainability policy which it calls Agenda 21.

Update 2021: I'm adding notes to the original article 5 years on so we can see how the original conspiracy theory is panning out in real life. Read the original goal notes, read the Agenda 21 papers and read the added notes. Make up your own mind as to the direction we are heading.

Agenda 21 is now called Agenda 30.

The UN is forming agencies around the world to achieve these goals covertly. These organizations are at the local level and give the impression that they are independent community initiatives. They can also be called Local governments for sustainability and push a lot of sustainable development policies. Here is one such example in the UK: Local Agenda 21, community planning and neighbourhood renewal.

What is Agenda 21 and what does it mean for us?

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups (collectively the New World Order or "they") in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

You can download the full Agenda 21 documents from the United Nations website. It's no secret.

Agenda 21 at the United Nations

The essence of Agenda 21 calls for governments to take full control of all land use and not leave any of the decision-making in the hands of private property owners. The UN believes that people are not good stewards of their land and that the government will do a better job if they are in control.

Agenda 21 has several key goals which on the face of it sound like they are aimed at improving people's lives and making the world a better place. However, the truths behind these goals are far more sinister. The overall goal of Agenda 21 is an end to national sovereignty, the creation of a new World Government, a New World Order, and finally to inflict total control over the population.

Let's look at a few of these goals of Agenda 21 and what they really mean.

Agenda 21 Goal 1 - End poverty in all its forms everywhere

What this means is that they want to put everyone on government welfare, food stamps, rationing, housing subsidies and handouts that make them obedient slaves to the global government. Don't believe me, here is an extract from the documents in the link above.

To implement policies and strategies that promote adequate levels of funding and focus on integrated human development policies, including income generation, increased local control of resources, local institution-strengthening and capacity-building and greater involvement of non-governmental organizations and local levels of government as delivery mechanisms;

The aim of this goal is for every human being to be under total control of the government.

Update 2021: In the UK, Universal Credit replaces every single benefit and welfare payment into one lump sum. Instead of applying for and receiving separate payments for unemployment, housing, energy and so on, there is now One Universal Credit. Disobey any of the complex rules around this system, fail to attend an "interview" for any reason, even miss a phone call from a case worker (basically fail to comply with total control) - the payment is stopped. For everything. The system was announced in 2010 and was rolled out in 2017. I had personal experience with the system. The caseworker sent me a message which I had to log in to view. My "case" was then closed (by the case worker) so I could not log on to see the message, therefore could not contact them and they stopped the payments. This system will likely be expanded to cover the much debated Universal Basic Income - "where the state would provide income for all citizens, without any conditions attached, and regardless of their other resources".

Bitcoin Smartphone Wallet
Digital Currency will be another means of control 

World and Central banks are pushing for a single, global, digital currency. A digital currency in which the government (banks/NWO/they) can dictate HOW you spend it. Digital currency will give the bank the ability to limit your spending for certain goods or to prevent purchases altogether. Let's say you've spoken against the government - they will prevent you from spending money on the things you like to enjoy, like travel or alcohol. You snitch on your neighbours - they give you digital money which can be spent on luxury food or travel permits, whilst limiting the ability of people to buy these things.

There are plans for a system involving a microchip implanted inside a person's body. This chip will sense the actions of a person (could be fitness or activity related, being in a location (workplace) or away from a location (protest) during specific times) and when the conditions are met that person is rewarded (or penalised) with digital currency. You'd think this was straight from a Sci-Fi horror film, wouldn't you? Some future 1984 dystopian plot. It's not. This is taken from a patent filling. A patent filed by MICROSOFT. WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA

Agenda 21 Goal 2 - End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

What this means is that they intend to seed the entire planet with GMOs and Monsanto's patented seeds, whilst increasing the use of deadly herbicides under the false claim of "increased output" of food crops. We've seen how aggressively Monsanto goes after farmers who do not pay the licence to use Monsanto seeds[1] even if the farmer is not using seeds from Monsanto. If any crop on the farm contains any portion of genetically modified material (e.g. from a seed blowing in the wind, cross-pollination or any other natural way that seeds spread) then Monsanto owns that crop, forces it to be destroyed and sues the farmer.

All the land will be poisoned through the overuse of pesticides and the only source of food will be that which is grown by Monsanto et al and that the government controls. Genetically modified plants will be further engineered to boost specific vitamin chemicals, while having no idea of the long-term consequences of genetic pollution or cross-species genetic experiments carried out openly in a fragile ecosystem.

Agenda 21 Goal 3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

They will gradually start mandating vaccinations for all children and adults at gunpoint, threatening parents with arrest and imprisonment if they refuse to cooperate. Expect them to heavily push "medication" use on children and teens while rolling out "screening" programs. Call mass medication "prevention" programs and claim they improve the health of citizens. This will most likely be a mass sterilization exercise to further their depopulation agenda.

Update 2021 - Well, we have all seen from the cover of the pandemic that vaccines and boosters are being forced upon citizens through the use of vaccine passports[1]. Take the vaccine/booster to regain your freedom. Freedoms which were illegally taken from us in the first place. We've so far seen people sacked for not taking the vaccine [2], and unvaccinated being barred from society [3].

Goal 4 - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Push a false history and a dumbed-down education under "Common Core" education standards that produce obedient workers rather than independent thinkers. Never let people learn real history, or else they might realize they don't want to repeat it.

Update 2021: We have seen time and time again news stories from around the world where history seems to be rewritten in an attempt to whitewash past events or to alter the current political agenda.

  1. SNP accused of plot to 'rewrite history' as Scots taught 'dangerous propaganda' in schools.
  2. Schools Using Fake 'History' to Kill America.
  3. 10 Times Governments Edited Textbooks To Rewrite History.
  4. Every Book Rewritten: Chicago Wants to Cancel History Classes.
  5. As a history teacher, I'm horrified by the whitewashing of my curriculum.

Goal 5 - Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Allow powerful corporations to seize control of the world's water supplies and charge monopoly prices to "build new water delivery infrastructure" that "ensures availability."

Update 2021: Not much has happened on this agenda yet, but ripples are starting in the UK. Under previous law, it was illegal for water companies to dump sewage into the sea and rivers and they faced fines for doing so. This usually happened after storms when the 100+ year old sewers cannot cope with capacity, even then water companies had a legal duty to prevent leakage at all costs. Ministers then voted to remove legal requirements allowing the dumping of raw sewage [1]. After much public backlash this was partially reversed. I'm expecting soon for them to announce a major overhaul of the water utility and for the public to fund our part of the new water delivery infrastructure in the name of preventing raw sewage escape.

Goal 6 - Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Penalize coal, gas and oil while pushing doomed-to-fail "green" energy subsidies to startups headed by friends of the government who will all go bankrupt in five years or less. The green startups make for impressive speeches and media coverage, but because these companies are led by corrupt idiots rather than capable entrepreneurs, they always go broke. The media will hope you forget the fanfare surrounding their original launch. Oil giants reap massive profits as countries start buying up oil and fossil fuels again, no doubt at highly inflated prices.

Update 2021: After COP26 green energy is being heavily pushed and investment in green energy is at record levels. Will be keeping an eye on these green efforts over the next few years.

Goal 7 - Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Regulate small businesses out of existence with government-mandated minimum wages that bankrupt entire sectors of the economy. Force employers to meet hiring quotas of LGBT workers while mandating wage tiers under a centrally planned work economy dictated by the government. Destroy free market economics and deny permits and licenses to those companies that don't obey government dictates.

Update 2021: We've seen the devastation to small businesses in every sector caused by the pandemic [1]. Lockdowns and other regulations in the name of covid have destroyed the high street retailers, hospitality, travel, tourism and many other sectors which were already struggling. In the UK 2021 budget [2] it was announced that minimum wages would rise at record levels which on the face of things sounds like a good thing, but for many small businesses this could mean someone losing their job so the business can afford to pay the rest[3].

Goal 8 - Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Put nations into extreme debt with the World Bank, spending debt money to hire corrupt corporations to build large-scale infrastructure projects that trap developing nations in an endless spiral of debt.

Update 2021: Due to the pandemic all nations are at record debt, with the UK's national debt soaring to its highest level since records began [1]. Many other countries are in similar situations.

Goal 9 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Criminalize living in rural areas by instituting Hunger Games-style "protected areas" which the government will claim are owned by "the People" even though no people are allowed to live there. Force all humans into densely packed, tightly controlled cities where they are under 24/7 surveillance and subject to easy manipulation by the government. Some would even say that these future cities are "Hunger Games" style sections, fenced off to keep citizens enclosed and nobody leaves their section. This will involve mass resettlement as people are forced to vacate the land where they live and move into human settlement zones. There will be major restrictions on movement and travel.

People living in rural areas will have to pay ever increasing land and council taxes, they will have less facilities as they close bank branches, post offices, shops, reduce bus services and so on. They will not be connected to broadband services and they will have poor mobile phone coverage. Basically, they will make living rurally as difficult as possible to encourage people to move into their "human settlement zones".

To further their agenda of ending national sovereignty, individual countries will cease to exist and in their place, different regions will be created. Most of these new regions will divide existing countries in two, or merge others. This is not fiction. In 2011 it was revealed that the European Union wanted to merge Great Britain and France into a new region. EU wants to merge UK with France.

European Union wanted to merge Great Britian and France into a new region
European Union wanted to merge Great Britian and France into a new region

Senior Tories condemned plans to merge southern England and northern France into a territory called "Arc ­Manche" complete with its own flag.

Brussels chiefs have already earmarked millions of pounds for lavish projects designed to give the zone its own "identity".

In America, there is the "America 2050" plan for Megaregions, splitting America not by state, but by region. America 2050: A Prospectus The Emergence of Megaregions. This is taken from the official homepage of the State of California!!

The America 2050 strategy seeks to facilitate the emergence of 10 or more megaregions by focusing on five key objectives.

  1. Create capacity for growth
  2. Reestablish upward social and economic mobility
  3. Protect and reclaim region shaping natural resource systems
  4. Promote new financing and decision-making frameworks
  5. Reform the federal role in land use policy

Goal 10 - Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Begin levying punitive taxes on the consumption of fossil fuels and electricity, forcing people to live under conditions of worsening standards of living that increasingly resemble Third World conditions.

Use social influence campaigns in TV, movies and social media to shame people who use gasoline, water or electricity, establishing a social construct of ninnies and tattlers who rat out their neighbours in exchange for food credits or rewards.

Update 2021: Expect to see this soon in the name of Climate. We've started to see increases in duty on gas and electricity and "rising wholesale costs" have put many small energy firms out of business. Soon the only energy companies left will be a few corporations controlled by the government with no choice for the consumer. Then the price increases will really start once there is no competition or regulation.

Update 2022: Energy prices have risen sooner, faster and higher than anyone expected. Energy price: Bill shock for millions as rises hit. They claim the rise is due to the war in Ukraine, because Ukraine is a large exporter, as well as Russia which has sanctions preventing export. This increased the wholesale cost of natural gas. Most of the UK's energy is produced from renewable or nuclear, and only ~20% comes from gas, yet the cost of ALL energy is based on the price of gas. When gas price rises, so does the cost of energy from wind and solar. The actual cost to produce and supply hasn't changed, just the price they sell it at.

The UK government has already started pushing people to snitch on their neighbours if they break covid rules, so it's not impossible to believe that they will encourage people to report other things a neighbour may do.

Goal 11 - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Set energy consumption quotas on each human being and start punishing or even criminalizing "lifestyle decisions" that exceed energy usage limits set by governments. Institute total surveillance of individuals to track and calculate their energy consumption.

Penalize private vehicle ownership and force the masses onto public transit, where facial recognition cameras can monitor and record the movement of every person in society much like a scene ripped right out of Minority Report.

Update 2021: Smart meters are being forced (not a legal requirement, but you cannot change supplier or take out a new energy contract without accepting a smart meter, and once the certification period expires on the old analogue meter, it needs to be replaced. Since the old meters are no longer made, and there is no stock, you MUST have a smart meter installed.) upon the population in the name of energy saving and reduced costs but this is instead a ploy to track not only how much energy you use, but when you use it. They can also determine what appliances are being used and not allow heaters, washing machines or cookers to be used at certain times. [1] Old meters could only say how much you used in a given timespan, but these new meters show them how much you use at any given time and at any time of day. They say energy will be cheaper when the grid has less demand. Cheaper? Or will they increase the prices during peak times to maximise profits?

"Spaces for people" has reduced road capacity, or even closed entire routes and areas in cities, and speed limits get lower and lower in efforts to make public transport look like the "better" option and Low Emission Zones force people to give up their vehicles or move out of the cities. Whilst not commonplace yet, the use of facial recognition at travel hubs is increasing without any legal challenge. It is being pushed in the name of safety [2] and convenience [3] but it is just another way of tracking every movement of every person.

Goal 12 - Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Ban most ocean fishing, plunging the food supply into an extreme shortage and causing runaway food price inflation that puts even more people into economic desperation. Criminalize the operation of private fishing vessels and place all ocean fishing operations under the control of government central planning. Only allow favoured corporations to conduct ocean fishing operations, and make this decision based entirely on which corporations give the most political funding.

Goal 13 - Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Roll out Agenda 21 and force humans off the land and into controlled cities. Criminalize private land ownership, including farms and agricultural developments. Tightly control all agriculture through a corporate-corrupted government bureaucracy whose policies are determined almost entirely by Monsanto while being rubber-stamped by the government.

Ban woodstoves, coal and peat burners, outlaw rainwater collection and eliminate home gardening to criminalize self-reliance and force total dependence on the government for all sources of food and energy.

Goal 14 - Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

Grant legal immunity to illegal aliens and "protected" minority groups, which will be free to engage in any illegal activity - including openly calling for the mass murder of police officers - because they are the new protected class in society.

"Inclusive institutions" means granting favourable tax structures and government grants to corporations that hire LGBT workers or whatever groups are currently in favour of the central planners in government.

Use taxation laws to selectively punish unfavourable groups with punitive audits and regulatory harassment, all while ignoring the criminal activities of favoured corporations that are friends of the political elite.

Goal 15 - Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Enact global trade mandates that override national laws while granting unrestricted imperialism powers to companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, RJ Reynolds, Coca-Cola and Merck. Pass global trade pacts that bypass a nation's lawmakers and override intellectual property laws to make sure the world's most powerful corporations maintain total monopolies over drugs, seeds, chemicals and technology. Nullify national laws and demand total global obedience to trade agreements authored by powerful corporations and rubber-stamped by the UN.

Total enslavement of the planet by 2030

As the UN document says:

We commit ourselves to work tirelessly for the full implementation of this Agenda by 2030.

If you read the full document and can read beyond the rhetoric and PR phrases, you'll quickly realize that UN Agenda 21 is going to be forced upon all the citizens of the world through the invocation of government coercion.

Nowhere does this document state that the rights of the individual will be protected. Nor does it even acknowledge the existence of human rights granted to individuals by the Creator.

Even the so-called "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" utterly denies individuals the right to self-defence, the right to medical choice and the right to parental control over their own children.

The UN is planning nothing less than a global government tyranny that enslaves all of humanity while calling the scheme "sustainable development" and "equality." By equality, they mean equal slavery.

1984 has finally arrived. And of course, it's all being rolled out under the fraudulent label of "progress."

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