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Haunting of The Tron Theatre and Hellfire Club in Glasgow

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Haunting of The Tron Theatre and Hellfire Club in Glasgow

Tron Theatre Glasgow has a colourful past. It's been a meeting hall, place of execution, a police station and used by the Hellfire club.

The Tron Theatre, situated within the Merchant City district of Glasgow, has lots of history behind it. It's been a gathering hall, a place of execution, a police station, and a venue for the Hellfire Club until they burned it down in 1793.

Staff frequently say they feel watched, and a few say they have been touched. Some also claim to have noticed doors open on their very own. There are lots of sightings too, from two phantom children and a person wearing riding gear to a menacing apparition within the boiler room. The Victorian Bar and back two rows of the auditorium are stated to be probably the most energetic.

Tron Theatre, Trongate, Glasgow
Tron Theatre, Trongate, Glasgow

History of The Tron Theatre Glasgow

The Tron Theatre Glasgow was the site of St Mary's church from 1484. The distinctive tower you see today dates to the 1590s. It survived the terrible fire in 1793 which is believed to have been connected to the notorious Hellfire Club. The iconic blue clock tower from St Mary's church has been incorporated into the contemporary building.

The Tron Theatre building made history in the 18th century with links to Glasgow's Hell Fire Club, which intentionally set it ablaze to see which of its members could stand the heat. The Hellfire Club conjures up visions of devil worshippers and Satanism, however, the secret society was a drinking club for the high-class men of society, started in cities across Europe as an excuse for debauchery and those acts deemed too immoral for polite company.

Legend has it that the Tron Church was used as a guard house for the city's night watchman. The guards left the building to go on patrol and left a crackling fire to keep the place warm. When the Hellfire Club happened upon the unlocked door and the roaring fire, and in their state of intoxication, decided to party in the guardhouse. It is thought that the liquor caused the fire to spiral out of control. The fire decimated St Mary's church, leaving only the tower that we still see today. Another story claims that the drunken Hellfire Club members set the church ablaze on purpose to see which members could stand the heat.

Due to the Tron Theatre's colourful history, it is no surprise that there have been several reports of paranormal activity within the building over the years.

Theatre staff have frequently reported feelings of being watched. One staff member experienced what felt like an icy finger across his neck while another saw one of the office doors open on its own. Two phantom children and a man dressed in full horse-riding gear have also been witnessed within the building. In the boiler room, which is on the site of the church's old crypt, a dark apparition with a threatening presence has been witnessed.

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