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Apollo and Cassandra

Last Updated January 9, 2019 by . First Published in 2013.

Apollo and Cassandra

The Temple at Delphi was the most famous of all Apollo's Temples. But it was not the only temple built for Apollo.

Apollo enjoyed occasionally making an appearance at the numerous temples erected in his honour across ancient Greece. Apollo once stopped by Troy's temple.

A young and attractive priestess named Cassandra served at the temple. When Apollo first laid eyes on Cassandra, he was smitten.

Cassandra received a contract with Apollo. If she gave him a kiss, he would offer her a very unusual gift—the gift of prophecy, which is the capacity to predict the future.

That was a terrific deal, in Cassandra's opinion. Apollo offered her his present while grinning. Cassandra had a momentary glimpse into the future. She perceived Apollo assisting the Greeks in destroying Troy in the future. She spit in Apollo's face when he bowed his head to give her a tender kiss.

Apollo was furious. He was unable to take back his gift. That wasn't how it operated. But he could add to it.

Even though Cassandra could always predict the future, no one would ever take her seriously. That was his extra gift. Nobody in Troy paid Cassandra any heed when she implored them to keep an eye out for the Trojan horse.

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