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The Legend of the Gremlin Bell

Last Updated May 30, 2023 by . First Published in 2014.

The Legend of the Gremlin Bell

Have you ever noticed some riders have a small Gremlin Bell hanging from their motorcycle or handlebars and wondered what the purpose is?

The Gremlin Bell is more than just decoration; it also serves a crucial purpose: it wards off Gremlins, often known as Bad Road Spirits.

There are street Gremlins who love to ride, but they're also malicious little demons who cause all kinds of problems for you when you're riding.

Some blame them for the old lady in her car not seeing you and pulling out in front of you. Maybe you'll have difficulties shifting smoothly, your battery will die, your turn signal will suddenly stop working, an oil spill will come out of nowhere, you'll hit a piece of black ice or slam into a deep pothole, jarring your back and destroying your pride and joy, and so on - you get the picture!

These little Gremlins look for danger and try to steer your motorcycle into it.

When you purchase a bell for your ride, it helps to ward off these Gremlin attacks by not allowing any more to get onto your ride.

If you have any Gremlins on board, they will become stuck in the hollow of the bell, and the incessant ringing will drive them nuts, forcing them to lose their grasp and tumble to the roadside.

The best place to hang your Bell is behind the front wheel, as close to the ground as possible.
The Gremlins, you see, climb onto the front tyre while you're moving and then move around your motorcycle looking for ways to annoy you. However, if you have a Gremlin Bell attached, they are magically drawn into the hollow of the bell and the ringing drives them insane - simple! Some people have even installed a Bell in their cars. I have!

Gremlin Bell Photos

Do you have the protection of a Gremlin Bell?

If you buy a Gremlin Bell for yourself, the power is activated; but, if you receive the Bell as a gift, the tremendous magic of the Bell is multiplied!

So, do you have a friend that doesn't yet have a Gremlin Bell?
Why not be the one to offer them one? They would appreciate it!
The Bell will assist in driving away Road Gremlins and keeping the rider safe.

If you already have a Bell on your bike and things aren't going well for you, a Gremlin could be trapped inside! As a result, remove the Bell, crush it (to ensure the Gremlin remains inside), and discard it. Install a brand new replacement Bell as soon as possible.

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