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Storytelling of the Clever Coyote: A Native American Tale

Last Updated January 9, 2019 by . First Published in 2013.

Storytelling of the Clever Coyote: A Native American Tale

The tale of how Coyote uses his cunning mind and kind heart to save a little boy and a buffalo from a terrifying monster.

The buffalo were once all taken from the plains by a terrible monster, who kept them in his mountain lair.

The creature blinked, "There." I have an endless supply of food.

A wild dog named Coyote gathered everyone and every animal to a big gathering to decide what they could accomplish. Nobody knew what to do. The creature was making them too nervous to even think.

Coyote raised his voice, "I scouted the creature. He shares a home with a young boy.

One of the individuals stated, "We cannot harm a child. Not even to get our buffalo back, she said.

Coyote nodded, "It is comprehended. "But I couldn't help but consider how lonely a young child may feel without even a monster to adore him. We ought to get him a pet to love, in my opinion. The animal we deploy can release the Buffalo if the opportunity arises."

All the people and animals agreed that it was a wonderful concept.

They first dispatched Mouse to capture the young boy's heart. Because the boy liked Mouse, he brought him home. But the monster instructed the boy to eject Mouse. Then the folks sent a bird called Killdeer. But the bird didn't fare much better.

Coyote requested a new gathering. Coyote said to everyone present, including humans and animals, "I believe that I must go myself."

Coyote left for the monster's hideout that very day. The young boy's eyes brightened when he saw the coyote. Coyote won the youngster over right away, and he brought him home. The beast was furious. Before I eat you both, get that slobbering dog out of here!

Coyote and the youngster fled the den. The boy took a seat. He tried not to cry, although one cheek did get wet. It was removed by Coyote.

The boy groaned, "Poor puppy. "I'll bet you're starving."

Coyote threw his head back and barked. Coyote makes that noise to reassure you.

Coyote's howl was heard by the Buffalo. It alarmed them. As buffalo do when they are anxious, they started to shuffle and stomp their feet.

The buffalo became more alarmed the more the youngster sobbed, and the more Coyote howled to comfort him. One of the buffaloes started to flee out of fear. The other buffalo pursued him as well. They kept running until they were dispersed throughout the plains. The monster pursued the buffalo as it ran.

Coyote took the young child to live among the people while the monster was gone.

The creature hunted relentlessly, but the buffalo had vanished with no sign of them. Young warriors were ready when the monster returned to his den later that evening. One young child, as well as everyone else and all the animals, were greatly relieved when they killed the monster.

Because of this, according to the elders, Coyote is responsible for the buffalo. People still express gratitude to cunning Coyote today. That evil monster would have kept the entire herd of buffalo for himself for all time if it weren't for the sharp mind and kind heart of one little dog.

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